Singapore Airlines New A350 Business Class

Singapore Airlines is set to start flying its new Business Class on the A350 between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and potentially Singapore-Jakarta before the Singapore-Amsterdam service begins on the 9th of May, followed by Singapore-Dusseldorf from the 21st of July. 

The A350 is an advanced fuel-efficient jet and feels shiny, new and sleek – looking like it was really meant to glide through the sky compared to its chunkier counterpart – the A380. 

Passengers will immediately notice how spacious the A350’s cabin feels with more room above their heads. And, once in the air, the plane is very quiet. 

Business Class on the A350 is similar to that on board the new Boeing 777-300ER. Though this seat reclines much further in seat mode, with a vertical footrest appearing if you require it. 

The large HD video screen also has some new tricks. You can now browse content and control volume along with other functions using you iOS or Android tablet using the companion Singapore Airlines app that wirelessly links to your screen.