Silversea Cruises Reveals 3 New ‘Tale Tellers’ for World Cruise 2019

Silversea Cruises have announced three new speakers, or ‘Tale Tellers’, who will feature on the luxury liner’s World Cruise 2019 in an effort to ‘enrich the onboard experience’ of guests.

Steve McCurry, Alain de Botton, and Sophy Roberts are the three celebrated new talents who will join Silversea sailing from San Francisco to London from 6 January until 19 May 2019. The orators will join Paul Theroux, Pico Iyer, as well as four others who are yet to be named.

The creative individuals will produce literary works, in the form of journals or artwork, which will represent and reflect their experiences on a segment of the extended voyage on which they will embark. Onboard, they will also conduct a series of destination-inspired lectures for passengers partaking on Silversea’s 52-port voyage. Their combined works will be collated and presented to world cruisers as gifts.

Chief marketing officer for Silversea Cruises, Barbara Muckermann, remarked on the excitement of the cruise line’s welcoming the ‘Tale Tellers’ saying, “The presence of these celebrated creatives stands to enrich the voyage for each of our valued guests and represents Silversea’s enduring commitment to capturing unique travel experiences in utmost luxury. The Tale of Tales will preserve, in unprecedented vibrancy, the intimacies of a truly international adventure for our guests. At Silversea, we are relentless in our search for authenticity and hidden beauty; the works of each Tale Tellers embody these values in varying forms. Our collaboration with the creatives pays testament to our planet’s limitless selection of wonders, each of which beckons exploration and inspires with its beauty. We hope our world-cruising guests enjoy the lectures and journals of our Tale Tellers as much as we have enjoyed curating the experience."     

The three esteemed guests are highly acclaimed in their line of work with many accolades to their names. Steve McCurry is a photographer/photojournalist best known for his 1984 photograph ‘Afghan Girl’; Alain de Botton is a best-selling author, a TED speaker and co-founder of the School of Life; whilst Sophy Roberts is an award-winning writer who has written for Conde Nast Traveller and The Wall Street Journal.

Silversea’s World Cruise 2019 will be aboard Silver Whisper and will visit 31 countries across 5 continents over a 132-day period.

Steve McCurry  Alain De Botton Sophy Roberts

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