Qantas Increases International Cabin Bag Weight

International premium passengers flying Qantas are now able to take heavier cabin bags on board their flights. The weight increase sees a three-kilo addition, allowing passengers to take up to 10kg in one bag and up to 4kg in another. Fliers will be permitted to board with two carry-on bags with a total weight of 14kg and one bag weighing up to 10kg.

Customers can also take on board one small personal item such as a handbag in addition to the two larger bags. The new allowance came into effect at the beginning of September, 2019, increasing from the previous seven-kilo bag policy.

The changes apply to first-class, business class and premium economy class passengers on any international flight. Qantas says the changes give premium passengers more flexibility in their luggage arrangements but there are no current plans to upgrade economy passengers’ allowance of two seven-kilo bags.

The changes mean passengers can carry on one bag with total dimensions of 115cm and weighing up to 10kg. Two bags can be taken on with the total dimensions of 105cm each, one weighing up to 10kg and the second up to 4kg; or one bag at 105cm up to 10kg plus a second non-rigid clothes bag of 185cm. The Australian airline’s domestic carry-on allowance was updated earlier this year to the 10-kilo bag limit.