Enjoy Paris and Avoid the UK Departure Tax Hike

The UK’s roundly-criticised increase in departure tax may have the opposite effect – as similar taxes have done elsewhere – and actually reduce the tax take as long-haul international visitors take the train into Europe before flying home.

Returning home to Australia from London via Paris or Brussels on Eurostar is cheaper than paying the new departure tax at London Heathrow airport, according to Rail Plus.

Rail Plus CEO David Stafford said there would be “plenty left over for a bowl of moules, frites and bière” even after adding departure taxes in Paris (A$147) and Brussels (A$116).

Economy class taxes, including the new departure tax, are A$255 Australia-UK return

The air passenger duty at Heathrow was increased by 55 percent on November 1 to $139 in economy and $277 in business class.

The difference in tax is greater than the Eurostar fare to both Paris and Brussels, said Stafford.

The saving in economy after buying the Eurostar ticket can be $73 if you’re flying from Brussels and $42 ex Paris.