American Airlines Unveils Customer Baggage Notification


American Airlines has implemented its customer baggage notification, an innovation that helps customers access baggage information quickly.

The Customer Baggage Notification, or CBN, sends travellers a status update if their bags are not on the same plane as they are on upon arrival at their final destination. The notification is received soon after arrival with instructions on what the customer should do next.

Here are three types of alerts passengers should look out for if it looks like your baggage have a taken a little detour.

Early Baggage Arrival: notifies customers that their bags touched down before they did and should make their way to the Baggage Service Office (BSO) to be reunited with their luggage.

Late Baggage Arrival – Go to the Baggage Service Office: customers seek a BSO agent, particularly if international connections need to be made.

Late Baggage Arrival – Mobile Baggage Order (MBO): upon receipt of this alert, passengers should complete a Mobile Baggage Order which can be done on a mobile device. On the MBO, customers are to fill out delivery details and a description of the bags to help speed up the process of retrieving their lost luggage. Completing an MBO avoids a trip to the BSO.

The Customers Baggage Notification system, which is now available, is used via the American Airlines App, or customers can sign up for an AAdvantage Account. Alternatively, passengers can simply provide their contact details during the reservation or check-in process.

The Customer Baggage Notification system helps both American Airlines passengers and ground staff members by expediting the lost-baggage process, reuniting customers quicker with their luggage, and effectively freeing up time for ground staff to help with other complicated baggage claim issues.