Airlines Ban Carriage of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Airline passengers are not permitted to board Qantas and Jetstar flights carrying a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 amid fears that the device can catch fire.

The device is prohibited for carriage on both carry-on and checked luggage. The ban was effective from 16 October and applies to all domestic and international flights.

The concern is largely based on the potential fire risk of the device’s battery and comes after a number of incidents have been reported worldwide. Overseas regulators have placed a ban on the device following an emergency order issued by the Department of Transportation in the United States stopping the carriage of the devices on all domestic and international flights.

Virgin Australia and Tiger Air have followed suit and have also confirmed that the smartphone is not permitted on board any of their flights. Passengers already booked on flights are being contacted via text message or email whilst announcements are being made within airports.

Samsung has since discontinued the product despite it only being released less than two months prior the ban. The South Korean company has recalled more than 2.5 million of the handheld devices naming a battery manufacturing error to be at fault.

According to dozens of reports, the battery can overheat and catch on fire as was reported on a Southwest Airlines flight in the US on the 5th of October. The flight was evacuated after smoke from a passenger’s Galaxy Note 7 was seen shortly before take-off.    

Samsung Electronics Australia has issued an apology and says it is working with airlines and airports within high-traffic terminals across Australia to provide an alternative device to customers who are as yet unaware of the ban in place. Customers are advised to power down their phone and contact the original place of purchase.

Consumers are urged to back up their data and delete all personal information before completing a factory reset and powering down. Further information can be found on partner websites where customers are offered a refund, a replacement device and a ‘partner specific offer’ as way of compensation.

Samsung can confirm that no other Samsung device has been affected by this ban.