It takes a unique and highly trained professional to trouble-shoot tricky flight connections with multiple stops and navigate the complicated and time consuming process of travel planning, even more so since the emergence of Covid-19. So what is the real advantage of using a, a travel agency, to book your luxury holidays?

Your time is precious, it can be an arduous task trawling through the internet for deals, comparing prices, comparing comparison sites…browser after browser – just so you can save a few dollars. Not to mention since the Covid-19 pandemic, researching each country’s border restrictions and entry requirements and the airline procedures for each flight is something you can’t afford to get wrong. How much is your time worth?

Our passionate, hand-selected team here at First Class Travel are experts in the field of luxury travel and customer service is paramount to their selection. They have each been specifically trained to handle discerning travellers with high-end leisure itineraries to worldwide destinations. The team have travelled extensively and understand the most intricate parts of the travel and tourism industry. Would you consult Google for your dental check-up?

Travel Deals/ Special Discounts
It is a common misconception that Travel Agents charge a commission for their services and as a result, may have a bias towards particular products. It is the supplier (eg Hotel/Cruise/Airline) that pays the Travel Agent their commissions – so this fee comes out of the supplier’s pocket.  The ‘best deals’ are not always online. Our team has existing relationships with multiple suppliers and special negotiated rates( sometimes with value-added inclusions), that you won’t have access to when booking yourself online.  

First Class Travel is one of the only travel agencies that offer our clients the unique option of combining both cash and redemption flights to find you the best airfare solution. We can also assist you in maximising your points value……

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