143 Night Around the World Cruise – Regent Seven Seas

Regent Seven Seas world cruise 2023 has shattered the company’s previous opening day booking record, doubling the 2022 record,with all Penthouse Suites and above sold in hours since the launch on 24th September.

“This record-breaking 2023 World Cruise launch day demonstrates people’s willingness to take long cruises to exotic lands and the substantial appetite for luxury travel our guests have and it is a testament to the unrivalled Regent experience that our outstanding crew have perfected." stated Jason Montague, president and CEO of Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

Regent’s 2023 World Cruise will explore South America, South Pacific Islands, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, Africa and Spain on a 143-night voyage across 72 ports of call aboard the Seven Seas Mariner.

Realise your dreams of experiencing every corner of the World with the Regent Seven Seas. This astonishing around-the-world cruise will take you across the globe in four months, visiting 42 countries. Departing from Miami Florida, immerse yourself in adventure and new cultures for 143 nights and return enlightened and relaxed.

Visit iconic destinations from Easter Island to the cosmopolitan African town of Maputo. Cross the seas to remote tropical destinations, from the Great Barrier Reef to French Polynesia. Make lifelong, unforgettable memories at ancient cities, natural gems, and exciting cultural hubs.

Experience the best of each destination at a pace that suits you with guided excursions. Travel to your next destination while enjoying constant ocean views, state of the art facilities, luxurious accommodations, and fine cuisine.

Choose from a range of luxury suites below.

Master Suite: 312,460 AUD ~ 280,010 AUD

Grand Suite: 273,270 AUD  ~ 240,820 AUD

Mariner Suite: 248,950 AUD  ~ 216,500 AUD

Seven Seas Suite (AFT): 219,220 AUD  ~ 186,770 AUD

Seven Seas Suite (Forward): 219,220 AUD  ~ 186,770 AUD

Horizon View Suite: 190,840 AUD  ~ 158,390 AUD

Penthouse Suite A: 185,430 AUD  ~ 152,980 AUD

Penthouse Suite B: 180,030 AUD  ~ 147,580 AUD

Penthouse Suite C: 175,300 AUD  ~ 142,850 AUD

Concierge Suite D: 149,620 AUD  ~ 117,710 AUD

Concierge Suite E: 146,920 AUD  ~ 114,470 AUD

Deluxe Veranda Suite F: 142,860 AUD  ~ 110,410 AUD

Deluxe Veranda Suite G: 139,480 AUD  ~ 107,030 AUD

Deluxe Veranda Suite H: 135,430 AUD  ~ 102,980 AUD

To book or enquire, visit FirstClass.com.au. Alternatively, you can call on 1300 308 081 if you have any questions.

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