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We’ve selected the best first class fares whether it’s for first class to Europe, Asia, Americas or Around the world! All fares advertised include taxes, and are currently the best offers from our recommended airlines. First class tickets are subject to availability and changes. If you can not find the first class airline tickets for the dates required, call or email the first class specialist and we will find you the best alternatives.

Flying in First Class embodies the epitome of luxury travel, however not all First Class cabins are created equal. When purchasing first class airline tickets, it’s wise to compare the quality of your overall first class experience offered by various airlines. Currently, the finest First Class cabins on the market are that of Etihad Airways, Singapore Airlines and Emirates Airways.

Both Emirates and Singapore Airlines offer exclusive First Class suites with sliding doors for privacy and a luxurious flat bed for comfort on those long flights. Etihad takes its suites to the next level with its three-room Residence and First Class Apartment, a spacious semi-cabin that feels far more like a lounge room than a seat. (Etihad has withdrawn their A380 aircraft since Covid and currently only offers business class cabins from Australia). All three airlines offer impeccable service, gourmet food, wine, and all the perks of flying in the top-tier class such as airport lounge access and priority check-in.

Nonetheless, the best First Class cabins are by no means the cheapest however this does not mean you can’t enjoy the First Class experience for less. Airlines release sales from time to time and offer discounted first class airline tickets which could save you thousands.

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Airlines such as British Airways, Thai Airways also offer First Class flights at a price point that is potentially 20 percent cheaper than the more affluent airlines. While these cabins do not offer the exclusive privacy of the suites, they are a notable mark above Business Class and your experience is certain to be one of the most relaxing and luxurious flights of your life.

Business Class customers also needn’t think that First Class is out of their reach, airlines such as British Airways and Emirates Airways will occasionally release a deal fare that includes a complimentary one-way upgrade to First Class. The perfect way to get a taste of the high life. However, we have not seen such offers since Covid.
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