Viking Mississippi

Hosting 386 guests in 193 all outside staterooms, the new state-of-the-art Viking Mississippi is inspired by our award-winning Viking Longships®

Viking Saigon

Viking Saigon is a river cruise ship operated by Viking River Cruises. The ship offers passengers a unique way to

Viking Longship Herja

Herja – The Decider of Fates! In the Prose Edda, the respected 13th-century chronicle of Old Norse mythology, Herja was

Viking Longship Idi

Idi, the frost giant, is the brother of Thjazzi and Gangr, and the son of Olvadi who was extremely rich

Viking Longship Hild

Overview: Hild – Giver of Everlasting Life The great and powerful goddess Hild was one of the legendary Valkyries. She

Viking Longship Mani

Overview: Mani – Norse Moon God In Norse mythology, the gods banish Mani and his sister Sol to the heavens

Viking – Europe River Cruises

Viking – Europe River Cruises To visitors, Europe is a colorful world of picturesque landscapes, legendary rivers, lush vineyards and

Viking – China River Cruises

Viking – China River Cruises China is a fascinating land of contrasts: mountains, plateaus, deserts, lakes and rivers…small villages and